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Muismodellen voor link COPD en hart- en vaatziekten

  • P. Padmini Khedoe
  • Universiteit Leiden
  • 9 mei 2017

Mensen met COPD hebben een verhoogde kans op hart- en vaatziekten. Ontstekingsprocessen in het lichaam vormen vermoedelijk de link tussen de twee chronische aandoeningen. Purnima Padmini Khedoe bestudeerde deze link in verschillende muismodellen voor COPD en atherosclerose.

Keyword: COPD CVD cardiovascular disease hart- en vaatziekten atherosclerose aderverkalking emfyseem lipiden vetmetabolisme bruin vetweefsel.

Effects of the Novel Pharmacological Compaou nd Sul-121 on LPS-Induced Airway Neutrophilia

  • Han B.
  • Rijks Universiteit Groningen
  • 22 augustus 2016
  • afgerond project

Keyword: ATS 2016 COPD Oxidative stress

ATS 2016

  • Smit, L.A.M. Dr.ir.
  • Universiteit Utrecht IRAS
  • 8 augustus 2016
  • (
  • lopend project

Pneumonia in neighboring residents of poultry farms

Keyword: Poultry farms community-aquired pneumonia

The anti-inflammatory and bronchodilating properties of the novel pharmacological compound Sul-121

  • Han, Bing
  • Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
  • 24 september 2015
  • afgerond project

The American Thoracic Society (ATS) is a nonprofit organization focused on improving care for pulmonary diseases,critical illnesses and sleep-related breathing disorders. The celebration of the llOth anniversary of the founding of the Society culminated at ATS 2015 with a series of special lectures that will feature the major scientific and clinical breakthroughs in our fields. Below are the re...

Keyword: ATS 2015 Cigarete smoke COPD Sul-121

Cell-VIB-Symposia: The Multifaceted Roles of Type 2 Immunity

  • Li, Bobby W.S.
  • Erasmus MC, Department of Pulmonary Medicine
  • 23 september 2015
  • (
  • afgerond project

The field of type 2 immunity has broadened significantly over the past decade with the addition of new players such as the type 2 innate lymphoid cell (ILC2) and developments in understanding host-microbiota interactions. The conference featured an exceptional group of cross-disciplinary speakers each of whom are experts in different aspects within a defined set of diseases involving type 2 imm...

Keyword: type 2 immunity Airway dendritic cells

Effects Of Tiotropium On IL-13-Induced Differentiation Of Human Airway Epithelial Cells

  • Kistemaker, L.E.M.
  • Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
  • 12 augustus 2014
  • (
  • afgerond project

Keyword: ATS 2014 Epithelial Cells COPD

Atherosclerosis Development

  • Khedoe, P.P.S.
  • Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum
  • 6 november 2012
  • afgerond project

Atherosclerosis Development In APOE*3-LEIDEN Mice Is Not Affected By Elastase-Induced Emphysema

Keyword: ATS 2012 Atherosclerosis

ECI 2012: Glasgow, UK

  • Vlugt, van der, L.E.P.M.
  • Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum
  • 6 november 2012
  • afgerond project

Poster: Reduced B cell IL-10 in response to LPS in Allergic Asthma patients: an impaired Breg function? Presentation: Schistosomes induce pulmonary regulatory B cells that are involved in protection against allergic airway inflammation  

Keyword: Allergic Asthma B cel IL-10

ATS 2012 - Study Of Organic Dust Exposed Workers

  • Spierenburg, E.A.J.
  • Universiteit Utrecht, IRAS
  • 9 oktober 2012
  • afgerond project

Analysis Of A Healthy Worker Survivor Effect In A Follow-up Study Of Organic Dust Exposed Workers

Keyword: ATS 2012 - Organic Dust

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