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AKAP’s blijken nieuwe therapeutisch aangrijpingspunten bij COPD

  • Poppinga, W.J.
  • Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
  • 3 februari 2017

COPD-patiënten gebruiken voor hun benauwdheid luchtwegverwijdende medicijnen (bèta-agonisten). Op celniveau wordt de werking van deze medicijnen beïnvloed door een familie van eiwitten, de zogeheten AKAP’s (A-kinase anchoring proteins). Promovendus Wilfred Poppinga onderzocht hoe verschillende soorten AKAP’s in de luchtwegen werken. In de context van COPD gaat het o...

Keyword: A-kinase anchoring protein AKAP AKAP5 AKAP12 beta-agonisten luchtverwijdende medicijnen sigarettenrook COPD

ERS 2016 Asthma care,eHealth and The Vitual Asthma Clinic

  • Wijngaart van den L.S.
  • UMC Nijmegen
  • 2 februari 2017
  • (
  • afgerond project

The 26th International congress of the European Respiratory Society was held in London from 3rd to 7thof September 2016. It is the largest respiratory health meeting in the world. The scientific programme of the Congress presented the best in science and educational sessions, covering key topics in respiratory medicine from across the spectrum of disease areas including tuberculosis, lung cance...

Keyword: ERS 2016 London UK

Cardiovascular and metabolic risk in patients with COPD and the effect of exercise training

  • Beijers R.J.H.C.G.
  • NUTRIM School of Nutrition and Translation Research in Metabolism Maastricht University Department of Respiratory Medicine
  • 3 januari 2017
  • (
  • afgerond project

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients are not only characterized with irreversible airflow limitation but also by extrapulmonary manifestations such as cardiovascular disease and skeletal muscle wasting. Two major phenotypic characteristics for the higher cardiovascular and reduced metabolic health in COPD are abdominal obesity and low muscle mass (1). It is unknown if exercise ...

Keyword: COPD Cardiometabolic risk

ERS 2016: WNT-4 regulates pro-inflammatory responses driven by epithelial- mesenchymal cross-talk (PA5067)

  • Spanjer, A
  • Dept. of Molecular Pharmacology and Groningen Research Institute for Asthma and COPD (GRIAC) - University of Groningen
  • 14 november 2016
  • (
  • afgerond project

Epithelial-fibroblast communication is an important aspect in the pathophysiology of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD is an obstructive lung disease, that is characterized by chronic inflammation, emphysema, mucus hypersecretion, fibrosis and remodeling in the small airways and lung tissue [1]. During the European Respiratory Society (ERS) annual conference 2016, Professor And...

Keyword: ERS 2016 COPD WNT-4 emphysema

26th ERS international congress 2016, London

  • Ceelen, J.J.M.
  • NUTRIM School of Nutrition and Translation Research in Metabolism Maastricht University Department: Respiratory medicine
  • 14 november 2016
  • (
  • afgerond project

The goal of the ERS congress is to promote new scientific knowledge and put a spotlight on respiratory research by presenting cutting-edge research alongside informative educational sessions. Oral and poster presentation highlights concerning COPD comorbidities and phenotyping as well as new insights in predicting exacerbations are described below.

Keyword: COPD Penotyping Emphysema

Immunomodulatory effects of vitamin D

  • Rafiq, Rachida
  • VU University Medical Center, Department of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology
  • 23 augustus 2016
  • (
  • afgerond project

The European Congress on Endocrinology is an annual congress in which the latest developments in basic, translational and clinical research in endocrinology is presented and discussed. During this congress I had the opportunity to present the preliminary results of our pilot trial on the effects of vitamin D supplementation in patients with COPD, and discuss the design of our ongoing trial. Sev...

Keyword: COPD vitamin D T-cells immune system

EOS 2016

  • Raaff, de C.A.L., MD
  • OLVG, Amsterdam, Phd candidate
  • 8 augustus 2016
  • lopend project

Obstructive sleep apnea in bariatric surgery patient June 2016 The European Obesity Summit (EOS) 2016 was held in Gothenburg, Sweden from 1-4 June 2016. This congress provided a scientific program of the highest standard covering (morbid) obesity, accompanying comorbidities, surgical procedures and its outcomes.  

Keyword: Obstructive sleep apnea; Continuous Positive Airway pressure; Bariatric surgery; Polysomnography

Astma: update in epidemiologie, behandeling en exacerbaties

  • Engelkes, M.
  • Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
  • 8 juli 2016

Er is behoefte aan up-to-date gegevens over astma uit de dagelijkse klinische praktijk. Marjolein Engelkes onderzocht de epidemiologie, behandeling en exacerbaties bij astmapatiënten.

Keyword: Astma epidemiologie exacerbaties kinderen therapietrouw inhalatiemedicatie sterfte.

Short- and long-term efficacy of specific nutritional supplementation

  • Bool, van den C. MSc.
  • NUTRIM Maastricht University Medical Centre
  • 8 maart 2016
  • (
  • afgerond project

8th International Conference on Cachexia, Sarcopenia and muscle wasting. 4-6 December 2015, Paris

Keyword: COPD nutritional supplementation muscle wasted

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