Lung Foundation Netherlands

Our lungs are indispensable. The Lung Foundation Netherlands fights for healthy lungs and against incurable lung diseases. We make a stand for your lungs, whether they are sick or healthy.

The Netherlands count over a million people suffering from a lung disease, like asthma, COPD, and other lung diseases. The Lung Foundation Netherlands stands up for those people, because lungs are a matter of life and death. We fight for healthy lungs and against chronic lung diseases.

Research as a basis

Scientific research has made The Lung Foundation Netherlands determined to prevent asthma in children and to treat severe asthma more effectively. We would really want to see incurable lung diseases cured, and it would be even better if we could mend damaged lungs some day. Read more about Subsidy rounds (available in Dutch only).

Sick and healthy lungs

The Lung Foundation Netherlands makes a stand for everyone’s lungs, whether they are in good or bad shape. We aim to improve medical care for people with an incurable lung disease and try to improve their quility of life. We do this in cooperation with, for example, doctors, insurance companies, and patients themselves. The Lung Foundation Netherlands strives for clean air for everyone, inside and outside. This is something we would like to achieve together with specialists and patients. Political lobbying is part of what we do.


As a patients’ association, The Lung Foundation Netherlands promotes the interests of people with chronic lung disease through the entire country. We provide information, advice, and experiences.