Benefits of patient participation

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We have listed the most important benefits of involving patients in research for you below:

  • Patients contribute their unique experiences about living with lung disease. This may lead to new research questions or outcome measures.
  • Patients can advise you about the burden of research for test subjects. This leads to a more patient-friendly conduct of your research.
  • If patients see the relevance of your research, they are more willing to participate as test subjects. This increases the chance of success of your research.
  • Involving patients increases the chance of gaining access to the target group. Patients can advise you on recruitment methods and involve their own network.
  • The research results can lead to new products and better treatments. If patients see the benefits of these, they will be accepted and used more quickly.
  • The chance that conclusions are correct and relevant increases if patients help you interpret the data from their perspective.
  • The chance of receiving a grant becomes bigger if the input from patients increases the relevance, social value and thus the quality of your research.
  • The chance of a publication in a leading journal increases if the quality of your research is improved through patient participation.